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"Catherine’s Astro natal card reading was powerful and transformative. I wasn’t expecting such an accurate description of my characteristics but she nailed it! The insights she provided have helped me better understand my current situation and I’m more excited about future plans because of the insights she provided. I am so glad Catherine chooses to share her gift!"

Diane, Northern California

Your natal astrology chart is a map of where the planets were located at the exact time of your birth. Astrology shows how you see the world and gives us information about your personality, traits, and beliefs. An astrology reading can reveal the patterns in your life that are holding you
back or moving you forward. It can illuminate and reassure you as you navigate the inevitable ups and downs of your life. The wisdom that you gain can help you to live your life with a deep appreciation, love for, and understanding of yourself.


I’ve been using astrology for more than 25 years to better understand myself and as a tool toward self-growth. It’s helped me to see where and how my own personal areas of strength and challenge show up and to find ways to adapt when needed. I love using astrology to help others see how they can deepen their own self-awareness and understanding to live a satisfying and fulfilled life.

"I was looking for guidance and a means to access my own intuition and insight. Catherine's expertise and delivery of analyzing my birth chart resonated with me. The reading gave me confidence and knowledge of my true nature that is helping immensely with finding my path as I go through a major transition in my life. Catherine is kind and helpful in her guidance, gently opening possibilities and giving me hope for the future in my journey"

Shari, Northern California

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