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"Having never had any experience with tarot before, I was truly amazed and grateful for the experience with Catherine. She is a graceful guide with a gifted, spiritual soul. Through the tools of tarot,  she has helped me in quieting the noise and letting my true self find its way to the surface, through my intuition. She is one of life's angels.  Highly recommend Catherine and her work.".

Shari, Northern California

"Your readings are powerful and the wisdom of the cards are incredibly fulfilling. I feel like I have much better clarity on…after this reading. I adore and value your wisdom.”

Janet, San Francisco Bay Area

Catherine started out using tarot and astrology as a way to gain a deeper understanding of herself and her life. She states, “after a tarot or astrology reading I found myself experiencing a sense of relief and feeling lighter, freer, and happier.” As she began doing readings for her friends, she saw that these sessions could offer inspiration, hope, and guidance as people worked to navigate their lives. 


Placing an emphasis on tarot and astrology being unique from stereotypical ideas of fortune-telling, Catherine can guide you in finding ways to solve problems, identify direction, and illuminate your strengths. Tarot and astrology are tools that can enable you to gain a better understanding of yourself, as well as perspective and appreciation for the people and situations in your life. Gaining a deeper awareness of yourself can help provide the foundation you need to take actions toward living a life full of joy and meaning.


Catherine has a Master of Science from the University of San Francisco where she studied human behavior on the individual and group levels. For more than 10 years she has been helping others access their potential. When she’s not reading tarot or interpreting astrological charts, Catherine spends time doing yoga, using Reiki and enjoying nature with her husband, daughter, and their dog in Northern California.

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